Aniela Coveleski is primarily a painter, but has worked in many other mediums; including photography, film, sculpture and installation art. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in 2011 with a degree in Cinematography, she worked professionally in the retail visual world – doing design, installation and fabrication of window displays, prop styling for retail promotional shoots, and video installations for theatrical productions.  After 4 years of installation work, she started focusing more on painting in 2015; using acrylics and water-based inks on primed upholstery fabrics and paper. Her painting work is mostly object-focused, blending realism with graphic shapes. Aniela has lived in Bushwick for 8 years, and is the events coordinator of Arts in Bushwick (mostly known for the Bushwick Open Studios festival).  She works with the Arts in Bushwick team to organize year-round events working to create a bridge between the “educated art bubble” and native artists of Bushwick through workshops, group exhibitions, and involvement of local businesses that have been in the neighborhood for generations.

Email aniela.coveleski@gmail.com for pricing and inquiries, commissions upon request.